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De-Clutter the Lodge Day!

Saturday July 6th from 9am-12pm


Help us de-clutter the inside of the lodge!

- Evaluate items at the lodge that are no longer useful or leftovers from other groups who no longer use the space.
- Organize! organize! organize!
- Put unwanted items in piles of "donate," "trash," or "sell"
- take items away for donation or to the dump if nessisary
- put sellable items up on Facebook marketplace

What to bring...
- organization tools you think would be helpful
- trash bags/ bins to cart away unwanted items
- labels and sharpies

Don't forget, participation in the event will go towards lowering your lodge dues for 2025!



Help Our Camp Manager Re-Build!

The manager's house at the Jesse T Jones Odd Fellows Campground in Florence caught fire recently and is a total loss. Please consider donating to the fundraiser to help them rebuild.


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